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Curator CANVAS

No uploading of video necessary; access, review, edit and clip
into PowerPoint in minutes not hours.

When you securely log into Curator you are automatically presented workspaces for each project that you are assigned. As a leader, you can add or remove members via unique email address ID and control editing and other rights.

Most video editing applications compete on complexity and features. We have an integrated video editing canvas that was designed for speed so that anyone can use it. You are now in total control.

Create and search additional bookmarks and live tags. With our transcription service, search a keyword or phrase to go to that section of video automatically cued to view. All text is synced to the video playback so that a simple search or highlight of text cues up the related video playback location saving hours of review time.

No need to manage storage on your laptop or desktop or worry about finding, sharing or accessing video. All video is stored in the cloud for access wherever you are. Video is stored by project in the workspace canvas, easily access any project canvas from the home screen.

Easily upload to add other video, audio and any electronic project file so everything you reference is available in your workspace canvas. Compatible with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and other storage systems. Designed for future reference and long-term storage.

We love problem solving. Do you have a need for video
in your projects but don’t know how to get it done? We’re here to help. 
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