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Curator Video includes an online interview platform 

Curator Online Interviews can be conducted for individual or group interviews. The video is immediately available in Curator Canvas after the interview ready for analysis and editing. In addition, we include:
  • Secure, Private Virtual Backroom for Live Viewing, Tagging and Chat
  • Searchable Transcription and Caption Editing
  • Clip making and organization
  • Highlight Reel
  • This seamless addition to Curator Video allows you to do research without the respondent or your client ever having to leave their home
    Turn days of analysis into hours. Clients and teams can now watch the interview from a virtual backroom in real time while being able to chat and tag highlights.  After the interview, use tags and search the video transcript to find the exact verbatims to clip or put in a highlight reel. With Curator Online you not only get to capture the video, but you also get the same editing tools you have grown to love with Curator Video.

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    We love problem solving. Do you have a need for video
    in your projects but don’t know how to get it done? We’re here to help. 
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