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Advantages of Cloud-Based Editing
Friday, October 12, 2018

One of the biggest concerns with video ethnography is that editing video traditionally requires a lot of horsepower and in-depth knowledge of the software. Not only does this drastically increase the cost for organizations that choose to outsource the task, but it’s a large barrier to entry for organizations that don’t have the ability to hire these third-party contractors or pay for the expensive equipment associated with modern video production.

But what if you were able to not only affordably record your ethnographic research, but also edit the video from any computer remotely? The reality of cloud-based video editing is that since the editor is on our side of the server, you don’t need an expensive computer to properly edit the video for your purposes and you can instantly share your edits and videos with anyone else involved with the project. No more lost files, no more transferring large files, no more waiting on someone else’s progress to make the changes you need to make.

Our in-house editing software is also built with simplicity in mind – we know that not everyone has the time to dedicate towards learning a whole new, in-depth software or sifting through a slew of options that you’ll never need. We’ve created an intuitive system that’s easy to learn and removes bloated options that aren’t relevant to ethnographic research.

Video ethnography is growing in popularity and will constantly help you achieve the most reliable and useful results. To get started with the most streamlined video ethnography system, contact Curator Video today.


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